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  • brentwz


    How do I adjust the grey rectangle righthand side of the slider?

    On 1 of my sites using Graphene it shows as a solid dark grey with the lefthand side as white. It has something to do with the featured image, doesn’t it. And it has transparency if there’s an image, I think?

    I don’t know what combination does it this way . . . or not at all.


    Syahir Hakim


    This is how it’s supposed to look like:


    And yes, the background is taken from the featured image of the post.



    Okay, Syahir, I think I understand now. Shall go & practise a bit more with it. Thanks.

    An associated query: On the homepage of in the posts under the slider, is there any easy way of moving the text up & beside the image, just under the Google +1 & Share buttons? I’m using the official Add This plugin here, by the way.

    What I want is: basic left wrap text around an image.

    Otherwise there’s a lot of wasted space up there. I doubt this is a Graphene theme issue but I’m at a loss to find any setting in the WordPress post editor to adjust it.

    Tried Style> Float Left, but that seems to be ON as soon as an image is inserted & reselecting it makes no difference.


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s that AddThis button at the top that’s causing it. Try adding this code in the Custom CSS option:

    div.atclear {
    clear: none;
    .addthis_default_style {
    height: 20px;
    .addthis_32x32_style {
    height: auto;



    Oh Great Key Master, so wise & wonderful, that’s perfect.

    Of course, firstly your humble student had to remember where the Custom CSS field was! In the Graphene Theme Display Options tab, down the bottom of the screen. Pasted that code in, saved the option, viewed the page, voila.

    The plugin seems to cause a few little twitches with WP posts & pages but otherwise it has all the Sharing options I really want. Oh, well, nothing’s perfect.

    Thank you again, Syahir.

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