Gray where is it coming from?

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    Well, I’m not that handy with Photoshop. It looks like the various color sections are in layers, which part of it did you change to your theme color? I can’t tell how much of the site it actually applies to. That could be where the bottom black is coming from too. Or does h indicate it applies just to the header?

    While we are at it. I see what appears to be the image for the day calendar that is with each post, in the sprite_master file. Is that right? Of course I want to change that color too.

    Thanks for your help!



    Try this link: (My site)


    Open Your sprite_master.png or PSD file and insert sprites

    You like. You find Themes PSDs here:

    Working with PSDs & Layers 🙂

    Easy Just turn of the layer with, say calendar.

    Insert Your own calendar & save as .png file.

    I like PSE (Elements) just fine.




    It has taken most of the day, but I finally got rid of the gray. I did modify the sprite_h file. I ended up just changing all entries in the main CSS file because using it only in the nav section did not work. The other calls to it would over right my changes.

    I still need to ditch the rest of the blue, fonts, etc. Then maybe I will think about reducing the space between the rotating box and nav bar. Surely that cannot be horribly difficult.

    Then on to the content. Once I get some real content loaded I will move it to the hosting site.

    Thanks again for your help. Hopefully this thread helps others too.

    You can’t see it in this screen shot, but the very bottom bar where the site name and theme name are displayed is red now. 🙂


    CC-screen-shot4 by COAlpine, on Flickr



    Im glad You got this far!

    You just might find some icons here:


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