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    I selected a http:// URL address for my Gravatar (at Edit Profile) but it did not appear in a comment I replied. Can you help me?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You need to use the same e-mail address in the comment form that you signed up with at



    I just did that but it did not work.

    Explaining better, first, I tried to add a Gravatar at the Edit Profile by add a URL address. It did not work. After that, I left that field in blank at Edit Profile and then, signed in at, using the same address I have at my website. But the Gravatar is not showing.

    Please take a look at My user is Chutecerteiro and at that web address I think it is supposed to appear my Gravatar in the answer I gave to the user, right?



    Please, do not consider the post above. I just saw it is working now. Ty.

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