GRATEFUL for being responsive, finally!

  • Mister T1D a.k.a. ClaudeLeVent


    Woohooo.. having to admit that I feared the jump from 1.9nn to 2.nn a little.. anyway: I did it, finally.

    And I just wanna express a big big THANK YOU to you Graphene ladies & gentlemen. GREAT WORK!

    The new, finally responsive version, works much better than I thought.. okay: a little work to do now with adjusting font sizes, colors and whatever within existing pages and posts.. which may result in some new dark circles around the eyes within the next 1-2 days.. however: this is nothing to really talk about.

    I didn´t real take care about new content for my website within the last 1-2 years. One reason was that Graphene wasn´t able anymore to reach all “our “smart”phone addicts… HISTORY now!

    End of blabla talk. Just felt the need to express that you´ve made a GREAT JOB, dear Graphene team members.

    Thank you, Danke, Merci, Gracias ~ and keep on being: The Best Ones 🙂
    Grateful greetings from a region called Germany.

    Mister T1D (T1D= Type 1 Diabetes) here:
    [ClaudeLeVent in tasteful music realms.. website may see the light in 2018]

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