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    I am trying to make a list of posts using Kalins Post List. Ideally I would like to make a group of panes which look like those on the front page on some of my other pages – but have struggled with laying out in columns and can live without this). However I am not able to get an image to display – which is more important.

    I’ve tried all sorts of things and trolled through these pages and others and noone else seems to have a problem with showing images.

    This is the line I have entered:

    <img src='[post_thumb]' alt="should be an image where are you" width=400><a href="[post_permalink]">

    Can you give me some advice please.

    The problem is appearing on two sites I am working on here:

    and here (although I think I may have removed the graphic bit at the moment):

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try double quotation marks around [post_thumb]:

    <img src="[post_thumb]" alt="should be an image where are you" width=400><a href="[post_permalink]">



    Thank you

    I have just tried it and it didn’t do it sadly. I have a feeling it must be something as obvious as that however.

    Any other suggestions ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    For columns, see this post:

    I’d need to see the entire html you are including for the image problem. You can comment here and I’ll see what I can do:



    I have sussed it – thank you!!

    It was because I was selecting my ‘featured image’ from an NG gallery instead of uploading it directly to the post. It wasnt the code itself.

    Got some columns going too.

    Very much appreciate all your support and the theme!

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