graphene_footer to show on home page only

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    Hi Folks!

    I am searching for the clues but coming up empty.

    I need graphene_footer to show on home page only. It appears on all my pages. Is there a quick fix for this or a css I have not discovered?



    case in point


    Kenneth John Odle


    I deleted your other thread for you. But we can easily move them from one subforum to another.



    Thanks so much for the links Kenneth. They were helpful but with my limited CSS skills I was not able to work out the code.

    So far I see I could name the widget by ID and I know that pages have IDs. What kinda code would be best to isolate the action hook to show on only my home page?





    STOP THE PRESS! I found the solution, there is a plug-in called “Widget Logic” and you use the code “is_front_page()” and that worked in my application!

    Thanks again, case closed.


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