Graphene_container_before: need help removing line underneath

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    Sight URL:

    I need to remove the blue line underneath the words saying “Now in two locations for you convenience: Lake Havasu City and Parker, AZ .”

    I have tried


    {box-shadow: none}

    as well as:


    {box shadow: none}

    Obviously I am wrong. What would the CSS be?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.



    The site doesn’t work.



    Sorry that was a typo.


    #header {
    border-top: none;

    Google for “developer tools *your browser*”. In Firefox you can right click (Inspect Element Q) the thing you want to change and it will show you the responsible codes so you can try around changing things within the browser window (testing purposes; it won’t save) before changing the real CSS codes.



    Thank you

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