Graphene, wp-estore plugin, and IE8 – Thumbnails not displaying properly

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    I am working on, which is an online store for selling fishing lures. Originally, I used the weaver 2010 theme and everything displays correctly. When I switched to graphene (which looks awesome), I am getting an error displaying the products thumbnails (the pictures next to ‘add to cart’) when using IE8. From reading their forums, estore said it is probably an issue with the theme’s css. I tried to find their reference for thumbnails but was unable to find this section.

    Here’s the other forum’s reference:

    Their fix is to change this


    width:125px !important;

    height:125px !important;


    When I switch back to weaver from graphene, it works correctly. I would really like to use graphene.

    The website can be viewed at



    PS IE9, Safari, FireFox and Seamonkey all display correctly. It’s only ie8. Unfortunately, there’s where 80% of my traffic is coming from.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, nothing shows up when I go to your site, so I don’t know what to say.

    IE is buggy. On that note, we do all our readers a favor when we recommend that they switch to Firefox, which is more stable, more secure, more customizable, and more elegant. Even Opera is better than IE.

    Oh my gosh, you’re the other person who downloaded Seamonkey! Glad to finally meet you!




    Thank you for the reply! I left the website up for the weekend for review. However, I had to take it back down again so that people didn’t purchase anything yet. We aren’t ready for launch. If you want to check it out, shoot me an email theonlineanswer (at) gmail (dot) com and I will reactivate the pages for review.

    For our other business, out of 774 visits: 276 are IE8, 207 Firefox, 137 Chrome, 100 Safari, etc. While I would like to get people to switch from Internet Exploder, it’s still not quite feasible.

    Seamonkey – You know… I really like Seamonkey.


    Kenneth John Odle


    (276/774)100=36%. It’s weird that one business is 36% and the other is 80%. Clearly, you have a more informed bunch at the other site.

    Well, Seamonkey is from Mozilla, same as Firefox. I may switch to it (composer, that is) for future site updates, because I haven’t even begun to explore all its possibilities.

    I’m seeing a few items on your page (now using Firefox 6.0) and they look great. IE9 looks good as well. Sorry, I don’t even have IE8 installed on my computer.

    From the forum post:

    Originally I had uploaded the thumbnail images through FTP and used that URL in the products database. After reading this thread I first activated the smart thumbnail option, which did not solve the problem. Then I uploaded the images through the Media Library, reset the URLS to the new location on a couple of them, and still no difference.

    You know, a lot of people think that they have to upload images to the media gallery before they can use them in a post, but that is not true. I have always found the easiest solution is to simply add them to the post.

    When I switched to graphene (which looks awesome), I am getting an error displaying the products thumbnails (the pictures next to ‘add to cart’) when using IE8

    Shame on me, but I forgot to ask what is the nature of this error.


    Syahir Hakim


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