Graphene won't accept my Adsense code

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    Hi, I recently changed hosting provider and noticed that my adsense google ads were not showing on my webpages anymore. I went to Google Adsense, got the code and pasted into the Adsense Options section in the Graphene Theme Options sections. However, when I click the Save all Options button – I see the little icon of dots that goes round and round to show that the command is being processed, but it continues to be processed and never stops – does that make sense – basically nothing happens when I click Save all Options. Have you got any advice please?

    Regards Joe


    Kenneth John Odle


    There could be lots of reasons for this. When you are on that options page, try pressing F12 to open the inspector. Then click on “Console”. Do you see any errors listed there?

    How did you transfer your site over? Did you reinstall WordPress and Graphene from a zip, or did you copy the files at your old host to your new one?

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