Graphene with IE9

  • PigsInc


    I just updated my theme to the latest version and have some questions:

    The blue colored frame around the slider images does not appear in IE9 unless I turn on compatability mode. What is it supposed to look like?

    Also, there is an extra area just below the header menu that looks different now, not sure what’s causing this.

    Can you take a look:

    Love the theme, it’s one of the best for WordPress!


    Syahir Hakim


    IE9 doesn’t support CSS3 linear-gradient, so that’s why the colored frame around the slider does not work. None of the older IE versions support linear-gradient as well, so I used PIE to add that support for IEs. However, unlike older versions of IE, IE9 doesn’t support -pie-background, so that’s why it doesn’t show the linear gradient background. It shows up in compatibility mode possibly because it uses older IE rendering engine, which does support -pie-background.

    I’ve added a fallback background colour for the featured slider, which causes IE9 to display the background as a solid, blue colour. This will be available in the next update, but if you want to fix it now, just add this code to the Custom CSS section in the theme’s display options:

    .featured_slider{background: #0F2D4D;}

    Jacques d'Nalgar



    What is this PIE thing? Among the other issues reported (FYI, I’m still using IE 8), the PIE script was throwing multiple Javascript errors, something about lacking permission as I recall (the exact error eludes me now — I was too worried about all the other “stuff”).

    Update: never mind the first part of this ( Something I have played with before, but definitely not working with latest version of theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..that’s’s working fine on my development server, and on the demo site as well. I’ll look into the PDF you sent though.

    Jacques d'Nalgar


    Syahir, the does not appear to be working on your demo in IE8. No gradients, no rounded corners, etc. The blue section headers on right-side nav menu do span section width on demo, unlike what was in screen shots sent previously.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, I noticed that too. It was working fine for me before in IE8, but after I installed IE9 the PIE script is not being loaded by IE8. It’s working fine for IE9 though.

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