Graphene widget display issue with Wp e-Commerce

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    WordPress 3.8.1

    WP e-Commerce

    Graphene 1.9.2

    Calendars category has no products, displays fine when clicked

    Donations category has 1 product, displays product, however note ‘Navigation’ widget on right and ‘New’ widget below it

    Membership Dues category has 3 products, no products display and ‘Navigation and ‘News’ widget are broke

    This behavior does not occur it theme is changed to Twenty Fourteen

    Any thoughts?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Wow, that is seriously weird. I have used WP e-Commerce in the past and never had that problem.

    Have you tried disabling all plugins except for WP e-Commerce, just to rule out a third-part interference?

    You haven’t edited any theme or plugin files, have you?



    Thanks for the reply, yes, I have de-activated all plugins other than WP e-Commerce… the ONLY change is when I set the default Theme to something other than Graphene… works fine in Twenty Fourteen or Twenty Thirteen themes with and without additional plugins activated. I contacted WP e-Commerce support, their answer was, of course, to blame the theme, so no help there.

    Odd indeed as the links themselves are actually ok, just the description is hosed?

    Let me know how I can help resolve this… I’ve got a week to finish this up!



    Didn’t see your last question until just now.. no, we have not edited any theme, core or plugin files.



    Nevermind… decided to abandon WP e-Commerce with Graphene, opted for a simpler method.

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