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  • jbergen23


    Hi, I am currently using the Graphene theme version 1.4.1 and want to update to the newer version (1.5.2 I think it said?) but want to be sure I won’t lose any of my content, posts, modifications that were made to the CSS style code ( not sure if that’s what it’s called as I had someone else do all that for me). So can I update it safely w/o losing any changes that were made?





    Yes, you will lose any changes you made to core files of the graphene template. Hence, why it is urged that you use a child theme to store your changes to css and function files.

    Before you update, you need to create a child theme and transfer your changes from core files, to the child theme files. Then, it should be safe to update.

    You should be able to do a search here on child theme, and find many useful sources of information.




    OK I have no idea how to do that but I guess I’ll have to read up on it…………can I just stick with this older version for awhile or is highly recommended to update often?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can stay with the current version for a while, since that’s a pretty stable release version. You just won’t get any of the new features that come with the new version.

    But don’t hold off too long though. It’s easier to make the leap now than it will be when the theme is several releases ahead of the version you’re using.



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