Graphene Update : i can't change the colors of my website !

  • elevateme


    Hi everyone,

    Since the graphene update i’m having a lot of trouble with my website

    1/ colors

    It’s my main issue, i’ve tried to make something a bit like it was before the update, i did the modification, and save it but the modifications do not apply (at least the majority of it do not apply).

    You can see here how it’s displayed in the “customize area” , as i want to
    how my website look in the customizable area

    you can see that nothing apply in my website

    2/ others minors problems

    – Since the upgrade i have this “wordpress like/star” button how can i remove it ?
    – it’s seems that since the upgrade the place for the main content (text from the articles, pages etc) is more restrain, with the collum of the widget more close to it (and more far from the right border)


    Syahir Hakim


    It looks like you’re using the Autoptimize plugin, which caches your styling so the changes you made are not reflected on the site. Simply clear your Autoptimize cache and you should see the changes.

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