Graphene update to 1.6 disaster!

  • funstix


    I have just updated my Graphene theme from 1.5 to 1.6 and everything has gone haywire! All my CSS changes have reverted, the widget area will not display as I have loaded it. Not happy at all with the update as the amount of work required to fix it will take time. I guess i’m pissed off. Does anyone have any suggestions or do i just start all over again and never update the theme again for fear of same result?



    My tags are not working properly anymore and my top social media bar is not displaying right. I need to go back to the older version. Does anyone have the previous version I can reinstall?



    I found an older version of 1.56 and everything is well again. But I think I will hold off in upgrading in the future until I visit the support board.



    @funstix, replace the contents of tag.php with this one –

    Please use soft words..


    Syahir Hakim



    You do realise that:

    1. The Graphene theme is a free theme

    2. All development work and support that we provide for the theme is completely voluntary

    3. Neither me nor anyone else is obligated to provide you with an update or support for the theme

    4. But we do anyway at the expense of our own personal time that we could have spent with family and friends

    5. That we could charge every single person who are using the theme a set price and then never bother with incremental and substantial updates and support so that nobody would complain over an update that we spent so much time and effort on.

    So, for your obvious lack of common courtesy, you are banned and no longer welcome in this forum.

    Topic closed.

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