Graphene Top Slider Theme Not showing Custom Header?

  • harwinh


    Good Day

    Im having problem with the new update on the graphene theme, after the update i am having problem with the header slider again, it does not want to show the uploaded header pictures, only the default ones that comes with the theme.

    Can someone please help?

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle





    Kenneth John Odle


    Have you resized your images to fit your new 1400px width (which is too wide for 1280px monitors, btw) and reuploaded them?



    Thank you for your reply,i the header images are 1400, it happened with the new update, cause i had the same problem with the previous version of this theme, the last solution was i had to replace something in the header php, and it worked correctly again, and i tried it again after the theme update, then my header slide works again, but the my whole page is aligned to the right side, i will do it like that, and then you can see for yourself, just go look on my site again.



    I sused this advice from this person,

    But now my page is not looking right, but my slider is working again.

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