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  • saifurv


    I have my top bar displayed with my facebook icon.

    I would like to know if it is possible to write in the top bar. I want to insert the ‘Find us on’ before the social media icons. and i also want to write contact details in the top bar, instead if displaying the search bar, which i know i can remove in the top bar options.

    Is this possible? Please help


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes. Use a graphene action hook widget area to add whatever text you would like. (Specifically, graphene_top_bar in header.php)

    There is a tutorial on my site for using Graphene action hook widget areas:



    Thank you, figured out how to do it from your tutorial. I added a text widget to display the button. How do I control the placement of it though? Right now it’s up at the very top vertically so it’s not centered with the other icons. Also it showed up on top of one of the other icons, how can I control the horizontal position?

    Thanks again!



    ok, figured it out, I put this around my img tag and was able to position it where I wanted it

    <div style=”padding:13px 0px 0px 359px; “>


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