Graphene Theme with plugin AMP causing some errors

  • Marcel


    Using AMP plugin Version 1.5.3

    sorry I can not submit
    when submitting an image I get the text, not allowed. Very strange

    So I can not submit the image



    When I submit without the IMG, I am able to Submit and Reply



    Lets try one IMG

    here the issue
    Error overview



    and the next one




    I guess both images in a separate reply worked.


    Syahir Hakim


    Go to WP Admin > AMP > General, and make sure the “Template Mode” setting is set to “Reader”.



    It is set to Reader.
    I did switch it to Transitional to try but switched it back to Reader. But the errors remained.



    I clicked on each of the 2 error showing in the dashboard and then click the “Forget” link

    Now the only way to see the errors are by clicking on the link AMP Validation Error Index.



    Syahir Hakim


    The scripts listed in the error log shouldn’t be added to the page when using the Reader mode. Can you list down a few sample URLs that are indicated as having AMP errors?



    but only 16 of them
    for each error I have the option to
    Details | View | Recheck | Forget | Clear Cache
    If I recheck then it becomes an error which shows under the WP Dashboard
    If I forget then it clears on of the 16.
    So I guess I should clear the 16

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