graphene theme under wordpress options "size columns" and "color" suddenly stopp

  • jschins


    Even though I reloaded the plugins en the theme several times, I do not manage to set the colors any more, nor the column width.

    My website is hosted by GoDaddy, providing me with the newest wordpress version.

    My pages are hardly legible because I chose for light letters over a dark background, but now the (home)page background has turned white, with no way (for me) to change that color.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling all plugins to rule out a plugin issue.

    Make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser.

    Try using a different browser, a different user account, or even a different computer to rule out a local issue.



    dear Kenneth John, Moderator:

    thank you for your reply. I regret to say that I have already done everything you propose. By the way, whatever interpretation we think of, we still have to explain that before the magical crash graphene did fine, with all the present plugins installed, on the GoDaddy server!

    Kind regards, Juleon



    PS forgot to mention that I did not deactivate the multi-language plugin by WBS, else all the paths get mixed up

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