Graphene theme throws 404 errors due to a missing image

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    Hello to all!

    After I began using the Graphene theme, a lot of 404 errors began to show in admin page, all of them are because of a missing image: bg_g.png.


    I’m using a child theme as suggested in this forum, and hope that someone can tell me how to get rid of this errors.

    Admin, if this post doesn’t belong here, please feel free to move it to the right place.

    Thanks in advance!



    Sorry…. my mistake.

    The missing image bg_g.png was because at the personlized css in the child theme I added the following:

    body {
    background: url(images/bg_g.png) repeat #000 fixed;
    color: #2c2b2b;
    font: normal 12px arial;
    line-height: 18px;
    position: relative;

    It was a very fool mistake…

    Thanks and this post can be closed.

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