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    Here’s couple of queries about the Graphene theme features –

    How can I add this link ‘Email this post’ link on every blog?

    I want to implement the menus like that on your demo site. How can I get started with it?

    Any image that set as the featured image overlaps the text description on the slider. How can I resolve this issue?

    How Graphene theme provide options for setting a featured image based on the images and text in the post?





    1. You should configure ‘Email this post’ option under Sharing settings in dashboard. (http://yoursite/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=sharing)

    2.Configuring menus can be done here – http://yoursite/wp-admin/nav-menus.php. Create new menus and add whatever you want to it. Then place it in theme locations. i.e in Header menu, Secondary menu or Footer menu.

    3.Don’t know why image is overlapping text in slider.. Will find out shortly.





    Hey Prasanna and Kenneth, thanks a million for your help. I tried the custom menus and it worked. I still have few queries but I have got a hang of it… I could manage all th basic stuff.

    Regarding ‘Email this Post’ I couldn’t find the option. I am still working on this one.

    Slider images issue – I have asked my graphic designer to help me with it based on your recommendations. Once the images are edited I shall try it and update.

    Thanks again…




    I’m not sure there is a default for emailing posts.

    Rather, I would use a script from or I’m pretty sure both of them have an icon for emailing a post; as well as facebook, twitter, etc. Go to the graphene options => general tab => social sharing. Paste your code there and tick the “show social sharing” checkbox.



    Regarding your slider.

    The width of the slider is 660px. (The height is 240px)

    The text description box is set at 35% the width of the slider.

    So, 660 * .65 = 429.

    Now, we know we want the width of our images to be 429px and floated left.

    The best way to achieve this is using Photoshop (or it’s equivalent). So, create your new image at 429px wide by 240px tall. Then, create a second image at 660px wide by 240px tall.

    Finally, pull your “skinnier” image on top of the “fatter” one. But make sure it’s on the far left.

    Basically, you are creating an image with extra space on the right side for the slider text. You probably want to use a black background on the 660px before pulling your original image onto it. This black background looks MUCH better in the slider.



    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for your help. I have tried this and it worked pretty well.You were right about the ’email this post’ feature. There is no default option for this and the only way to do it is through ‘social sharing’ option…

    However, I still feel the email icon looks really neat.




    Yeah, that looks much better!



    Yes, there is no default option for “Email this post” in settings. I’m using JetPack plugin which allows the readers to email the post to any other person. I didn’t know that Sharing settings in Dashboard is actually a jetpack option and I thought that it is a Graphene theme feature.. Sorry for that..

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