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  • chocolategirl46


    Under the tab Colours it is possible to change the colour scheme for Top Bar, Primary Menu, Secondary Menu, Widgets, Slider, Content Area, Block Buttons, Archive Files, Comment Area, Content Text and Footer.

    Currently it wishes to set itself to the colour blue, inappropriate for what I want.

    I have followed the instructions and hit clear then chose the desired colours and saved my options. When finished I have save options down the bottom of the page also.

    When I go back to the main screen it has reset everything back to blue.

    Can you please help me for although I know a little about computers this has me stumped.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    As an experiment on the Colors page just below Color presets what happens if you change Default to zesty Orange and save?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling all your plugins and trying to make the changes again. Be sure to empty browser and server caches before reloading pages.

    If that doesn’t work, maybe this will:

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