Graphene Theme Options not working since upgrade

  • Anonymous


    I built a WP site for the first time and didn’t understand the idea or setting up of a child theme. I now do (basically). I’ve since upgraded and have lost the ability to apply Graphene Theme Options and can now only adjust the site via the child them css.

    I’d like to recover the ability to use the Graphene THeme Options and apply these adjustments to the child theme for any future updates. I know I probably made changes to the theme in the early days of set up and now am lost. Please help?



    Syahir Hakim


    It’s probably easier for you to start afresh and implement all the customisations again via the theme’s options or child theme. Looking at your site, I can say that most of the customisations you’ve made (probably all of them) can be made via the theme’s options in the latest version of the theme.

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