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    Hi guys,

    I have been using this theme for several years. About a month ago, I updated my slider options (changed what pages get displayed using page-ids) with no issues at all.

    Since early in the morning today I have been trying to change my slider options by changing the ID of the posts under “Posts and/or pages to display”. But when I press “Save All Options” Or “Save Options” at the bottom, nothing happens. The processing circle animation shows up and it keeps spinning.

    Once I left it for about 30 mins and nothing happens. When I get out of the “Graphene Theme Options” and come back to it, it is same as the old and the new id has not been added. I am actually replacing a current one one the side with a new one so I don’t think it is number of items in the slider issue.

    I also contacted the hosting company and they said nothing wrong with their PHP and databases. My site is at:

    Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It might be a server issue, but in the meantime, have you tried another browser or even another computer to rule out a local issue?



    Hi Kenneth,

    That’s a great idea. I did tried another browser, but I am going to try another computer all together. I wonder if this is caused by WP Super Cache. But I had that plugin for over a year now and it didn’t get updated between the last update to Graphene options and now.

    Let me try another computer and get back.



    Nope, it didn’t work on another computer either. I am going to disable some plugins and I will let you know how it goes.



    It is not the WP Super Cache. Idk what else to do. For now I am going to sit on this for few days and try it again to change any option from Graphene settings.



    I tried everything and found the following:

    1. The problem is ONLY in the “General” tab of of the Graphene Options. Changes made under “Display” and “Colors” works fine.

    2. WP Super Cache is not the problem.

    3. The only updated plugin between them Jetpack by and I have deactivated that and tries. But still no solution.

    4. Server has no issues because other tabs on Graphene options works and also I have asked the hosting company and they checked for any errors on their side with respect to PHP and WP install.

    My slider is stuck at my last updated preferences and any help would be appreciated.

    Also, I am sorry if I am posting too many updates on this issue.


    Syahir Hakim


    Using Google Chrome, go to the Graphene Options page. Press F12 to bring up the developer’s console in Chrome, and then click on the “Console” tab. Refresh the page and see if there’s any error messages in the Console tab.




    I get these errors. But idk what they mean.

    Thank you so much for the help.


    Syahir Hakim


    Do you get the same error on the “Display” and “Colors” tabs?


    Do you get the same error on the “Display” and “Colors” tabs?

    No errors on any other tabs in Graphenes. I was even able to change Colors to test it and save it.

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