Graphene theme – Google chrome doesn't work correctly

  • Anonymous


    Hi There,

    My website is:

    Every thing works great in IE. But when I check the site in Chrome I got some troubles…

    The menu isn’t the newest version. At first it looks the same as in IE. But when i click the buttons to go to subsite I see the menu change.

    It’s showing a menu that’s old.

    At first it’s like:

    Home / Bedrijfsuitjes zoeken / nieuwsbrief / Contact

    When I go to nieuwsbrief it changes to:

    Home / uitjes zoeken / nieuwsbrief contact

    I only have 1 menu. And in IE it’s fine..

    Anybody got a solution for this?



    Tried it with both browsers and it’s working fine.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s a browser caching issue. Apparently, Chrome is keeping its cache longer than IE. Empty the browser cache and everything should be fine.

    Every thing works great in IE.

    There’s something you don’t hear everyday, lol.

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