Graphene stopped organizing uploaded images into monthly folders

  • jschins


    My website is

    and it uses the graphene theme with wordpress.

    When I look on my GoDaddy server I see that all uploaded images from january to march have their own folder, while the april-loaded images are placed to levels higher up, even though the 04 folder exists (but it is empty).

    Did I inadvertently change a setting?

    Juleon Schins


    Kenneth John Odle


    Themes don’t have control where WordPress stores images, so this is 99% most likely a WP core issue (check your settings) or a plugin issue.

    It is also possible your site has been hacked. Sucuri doesn’t find anything, but nothing is 100%.



    Dear Kenneth



    Dear Kenneth



    Dear Kenneth



    Dear Kenneth:

    thank you for your swift and incisive answer!


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