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    Good morning, everybody!

    I’m having a couple of issues with the Graphene theme:

    First, the slider feature was working until very recently (I think the problem may have coincided with the newest update.) Now the slider won’t automatically or even manually change to the next news story.

    Second, on our homepage, when you hover over an item in the menu bar, the text is offset – not a lot, but just enough to be noticeable. On the other pages, the dropdown works just as expected. (Something’s causing the menu items to start off too far to the left and when you hover over it, it snaps back into alignment.)

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone can provide.


    Syahir Hakim


    Something called “spmWidget” is causing the alignment issue.



    Awesome – I know which widget is causing that one. One problem solved, one to go. Any idea why the slider feature isn’t working? Thanks so much for your help!



    The slider works OK in new version, try out yourself without the child-theme. Maybe it is a child-theme conflict?



    Thanks Oliver, but as far as I know, we aren’t using a child theme. I’ll go back and check to make sure that nothing in the settings is check-marked for child themes though.



    Anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



    Have you tried to deactivate all plugins?

    Then empty the browser cache. Check if slider then works.

    And then activate plugins one by one.

    I have almost the same problem. If I active child theme, the slider does not work. However, without child theme, it works.


    Syahir Hakim


    Seems like your site is loading jQuery twice:

    The first one is likely to be causing the issue. The second one is the jQuery script bundled with WordPress.



    You, my friend are a genius 🙂 So apparently widgets were the cause of all my problems. I’ll have to see if Family Features offers a widget that doesn’t load jQuery. Thanks so much for all your help.

    P.S. Thanks Oliver for your time as well – I appreciate your offering suggestions even though it ended up being a widget problem…

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