Graphene Slider not Moving in IE9

  • Mark Prosperity


    I just recently (last week or so) started having problems with the slider in the Graphene theme. It is working in IE8, and Firefox 7.0.1, but in IE9 the slider appears to be “stuck” also, in IE9 if I click on any of the round “selectors” below the slider, the slider page does not change and a “#” is appended to the page title and the URL in the address bar. I’m currently using Graphene v1.5.3, but I have rolled back to Graphene v1.5.2 and I see the same behavior.

    BTW, I’m also using a relatively simple child theme, but I see the same behavior when I use the “stock” Graphene theme.

    Has anyone else encountered similar problems with the Graphene slider not sliding in IE9?

    Thanks in advance,



    Syahir Hakim


    The slider is working fine in IE9 in the theme’s demo.

    It looks like you’ve disabled the slider in the site. Can you enable it again so that we can take a look?

    Mark Prosperity



    Thanks for the reply. You are correct in that I disabled the slider. At this point I don’t want to re-enable it because I have made quite a few changes to the blog’s configuration to make the blog look fine without the slider.

    The more I studied this problem the more I doubt this is a Graphene Theme issue. I have a “sandbox” WP test site on another machine with the same WP plugins installed and I’m not seeing this issue in any browser.

    As far as I’m concerned we can consider this issue closed.

    Thank you,


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