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    Hello !

    i’m pretty new to WordPress and graphene (and html/php things but i’m learning quick) but have some god skills in dev.

    I’m using WordPress 3.4.2 and Graphene 1.8.2 with a child theme.

    i’m going crazy, i’m searching for a simple way to have a custom template page (newslist.php) displaying the last 5 post.

    , with a simple catégorie widget on the left

    Displaying the last 5 post is easy, but i don’t get how to add the left sidebar of graphene into newlist.php

    i tired to see the code inside template-twocolumnsleft.php to copy the code but there’s nothing significant in there.

    I’m pretty sure this is a simple task but i’m learning php/ css / html at once and as i’m not realy good enough i don’t understand everything in the core of graphene (Yet !)

    If you can guide me to understand the way graphene calls and set up a page (maybe with the graphene_settings var ?).

    i tried to make a simple page with the template-twocolumnsleft.php and a simple menu widget, when i use firebug i see the body containing

    page page-id-274 page-child parent-pageid-265 page-template page-template-template-twocolumnsright-php logged-in admin-bar custom-background full-width-slider two_col_right two-columns customize-support

    This, obviously, tell wordpress how to design the blocks, but how can i do this in my template ?

    Sorry lot of question but i begin to love making website 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding this to the top of your page template before the call to get_header():

    global $graphene_settings;
    $graphene_settings['column_mode'] = 'two_col_right';



    Hey !

    Sorry i’ve been in vacations for 2 weeks 🙂

    It’s perfect i remember i’ve tried this, but at this time it wasn’t working like i wanted, obviously because i use widget context and the path ‘actualites/’ haven’t worked as expected.

    This is a widget context issue because when i select single page i see the widget on the page actualites/ but on every other page, normal.

    and when i select the path actualites/ for the page actualites the widget isn’t loaded

    i have other page with widget context that work a expected but not for the word actualites/

    Anyway, Thanks a lot !

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