Graphene + SEO Platinum Redirects clashin'

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    The blog I’m using is at (but ill be swapping themes around most of the day keeping the below problem from happenin’…)

    I’m posting my friends Youtube/Vimeo/etc. videos all to one website. Since these videos are old and pre-date the blog, I’ve got to backdate the posts. The Twitter Tools plugins (which I’m using to propogate the site to Twitter) doesn’t tweet backdated posts, so the way I’m doing it is posting everything with the current date, then changing the date. Since this changes the permalink (/month/date/title-name type), The Platinum SEO pack keeps my links valid by creating a redirect in this case.

    However, these redirects return 404’s when I use the Graphene theme. For the base (Twenty-Ten) theme and another theme I downloaded to isolate the problem (some purpley-flowery thing), the redirects are valid. Switching off of Graphene then back to it doesn’t ‘delete’ the redirects from the database. As in…the redirects work when Graphene isn’t active and they don’t when Graphene is active. I don’t have to set anything up again after switching themes.

    Only thing I can figure trying is activating the SEO Plugin after Graphene, but that doesn’t sound like it -should- do anything. Stranger things have happened though…I was wondering if Graphene does some sort of redirect on its own, and if I could disable it somehow?


    Syahir Hakim


    Nope, Graphene does not do any redirect on its own. Try visiting the permalink settings page again after you switch to Graphene? That’ll cause the permalink structure to be updated in WordPress.

    Curious though: why do you need the Platinum SEO pack to do the redirect? The WordPress permalink feature works fine on its own. If you frequently modify the date, why not get rid of the date in the permalink?



    I thought /month/date/title-name permalinks were more SEO-friendly…but if there’s really no big difference, I’ll just use the p=##.

    Twitter Tools automatically makes a link when I post. If I use month/date permalinks, the link points to the article under today’s date. If I change the date (or change the permalink structure) without SEO Platinum making redirects, the links are dead. I’ll give what you said a try…and I have a few other workarounds in mind.

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