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    I want two columns on only my posts page, which is titled Blog, and one column on all other pages.

    I set all pages to 1 column in wp admin > Appearance > Display >/Column Options

    Next I went to the page I want to show my posts, called Blog, and set that to “Two columns, sidebar on the right”

    The Blog page showed as two columns until I went to Settings > Reading and changed the “Posts page” to Blog. As soon as I set that option the Blog page changed to one column. If I change the post page to another page then the Blog page goes back to the two columns I’d specified.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?





    Pages –> “Blog” page –> Quick Edit –> Template –> Two column



    Hi Prasanna,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have my child theme set up and I think it’s all correct. My specific problem is that I want my post page to be 2 columns (main area with sidebar on the right) while the rest of my site set up as one column without a sidebar.

    I set all my pages to be 1 column under admin > appearance > display > column options. Then, to change the post page to two column I went to pages > all pages > Blog (the page for my posts) > Quick Edit and changed the Template to “Two columns, sidebar on the right”.

    After I did that the page looked as I wanted with the main content area with a sidebar on the right.

    Next I went to set that page to be my post page under Settings > Reading. I set my home page to be static and my post page to be “Blog”. As soon as I did that the page switched to one column. How do I get it to keep the sidebar and be the designated posts page at the same time?

    Thanks so much for your help!



    Select two columns in Graphene Options –> Display –> Column Options. Then edit each page (Not Posts) and select “One column, No Sidebar” template.



    Thank you!!! That worked!



    I was having the same problem as dtwitchell and the fix did work for me.

    It just seems a little clunky to have to change every new page to a different template to allow one page (the post or “Blog” page) to have the sidebar widget. Is there any other way to do this? Most of my website is going to be based on static pages without a sidebar, but I just want one page to keep a blog on.

    I know Graphene is a free theme, so I’m not upset or anything it just seems like there’s got to be a more elegant solution.

    I should mention I’m a CSS and php novice (if even that). If I can’t do something through a GUI I’m helpless 🙂


    Doc GermaniCus



    I´m looking for a differnt option:

    more than 1 Post-Colums on the Blog site..

    Like: | POST | Post | Sidebar |

    any solution..?


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