Graphene Options not working even after I disabled all plugins ?

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    I disabled all plugins to see if there was a plugin conflict but that did not resolve the issue. When I go to graphene options all of my boxes are automatically toggled open ( I cant close them) and I cant open any action hook widgets in the graphene options ?

    The website url :



    Clear your browser cache by pressing Ctrl+F5 and try again.



    I did that and still nothing, I can give you access to the site if youd like so you can see how the grapheme options look



    Try using a different browser/computer.



    Still nothing ? Is there any way you can take a peak if I give you the login information



    Sure. Use this contact form to securely send login credentials –



    Have you edited parent theme?



    The only thing in the parent theme that I edited was the header.php because I have the uber menu pro plugin that I paid for, and in there support fourms they told me to change some stuff becasue the menu was broken on some pages due to my total caches plugin.

    They told me to ( and I did) replace the wp_nav_menu() call in the Header menu area with

    uberMenu_direct( 'Header menu' );

    and replace this code that was in the header.php also :

    <?php            /* Header menu */            $args = array(                'container' => '',                'menu_id' => 'header-menu',                'menu_class' => graphene_get_menu_class( 'menu clearfix' ),                'fallback_cb' => 'graphene_default_menu',                'depth' => 5,                'theme_location' => 'Header Menu',            );            if ( ! $graphene_settings['disable_menu_desc'] )                $args = array_merge( $args, array( 'walker' => new Graphene_Description_Walker() ) );

    With this :

    <?php if( function_exists( 'uberMenu_direct' ) ) uberMenu_direct( 'Header menu' ); ?>

    But that is the ONLY file I have edited in the parent theme …



    I uploaded the original Header file to see if that was the issue and It is still NOT working ?



    What do you recommend ?

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