"graphene options" in dashboard is not working.

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    I cannot access my graphene options within the appearance section of the dashboard. There is something up with my code and i don’t know how to troubleshoot or fix it. When i try to open this section the page gets “killed” and nothing shows up. I’ve searched for solutions but nothing.

    Please help me out if you can.

    Thanks ahead of time,



    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support, since this is a support issue.

    Try reinstalling Graphene. It’s possible one of the core files got corrupted.



    thanks i’ve tried that but its not working still.




    1. Have you tried deactivating your plugins to see if it is a conflict (sometimes you must deactivate them all to be sure, you can always reactivate them afterwards).

    2. Have you edited any of the core files in the editor? From the graphene directory?

    3. Do you have any other issues or is this the only page being affected?



    Sup Josh,

    THanks for the assistance. I tried what you suggested.

    1. deactivated alll plug-ins. However i still could not access the graphene options page.

    2. I edited some core files in the directory (such as added a cache folder to a plug in) however when i removed what i added nothing changed and i still couldnt access the page.

    3. This is the only page that i am having issues with. I really like this theme too it’s pretty flexible. I don’t know what to do.

    Thanks bud.



    When you click on editor, under appearance, and choose Graphene and click “Select”… Do you see all four of the following files (in the list on the right side of the window)?

    1. options-defaults.php

    2. options-import.php

    3. options-presets.php

    4. options.php

    The most important is the 4th one… but go ahead and check for the rest also. And if all four of these are present, did you alter any of them?



    SUp josh,

    I can see all 4 files and did not touch any of them. Good news tho bud. I can access the page now~!!!! yes!! i guess it probably was some stupid plugin that was taking a while to deactivate.



    Good. Well, whatever it takes… as long as it works properly! Glad to hear.

    Regarding plugins, a lot of times you have to clear your browsers cache and memory to effectively see the changed results. Usually closing your browser completely, and reopening will do this effectively.

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