Graphene Options in Admin collapsing

  • allenbrothers


    I am trying to update my slider and the admin fields are collapsing so that I can’t get to them.

    I see them when the page is loading, but then they collapse to this (see image) and I can’t navigate or make changes.

    Any thoughts?


    Prasanna SP


    Temporarily disable all plugins and try again. One of the plugins might be conflicting with jQuery.



    I get the same thing


    Syahir Hakim

    I get the same thing

    And? Did you try what Prasanna suggested?



    I did follow Prasanna’s suggestion. It was the woocommerce plugin that was causing the problem.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, it’s likely that wooCommerce is adding scripts to all of the admin pages. If you can, try to let them know to add scripts only to the necessary pages in the admin. This is what the theme does, and any good plugin should do this too to avoid conflicts like this.



    Thanks Syahir – I will send them an email and see if they can update it. It must have happened on their most recent release because I’ve been using the theme for a while now without this issue.

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