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    Hi, I think I found a bug.

    In Graphene Options, Front Page (I use my blog posts page as the front page), I had one category of posts to show, and today I tried to add a 2nd category. I was able to select a 2nd category, but when I clicked Save, I got this error:

    “ERROR: You must have selected at least one category when you have “Show posts from categories” selected for the slider.”

    It didn’t make sense because I have the slider disabled.

    I was able to fix it by:

    1. Enabling the slider, selecting the 2 categories I wanted, and saving it.

    2. Disabling the slider again and saving it.

    3. Going back into Front Page options and doing it all over again (selecting the 2 categories I wanted).

    This time it saved correctly and showed up on my front page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am unable to reproduce this error on either of my test servers. Try disabling plugins and seeing if the issue continues to occur.

    I use my blog posts page as the front page

    I take it that you are not using a static front page?



    Right I’m not using a static front page. I think you’re right – it’s probably a plug-in causing the problem (damn plugins! Can’t live with them & can’t live without them!). I did what you said & disabled them all & now the error’s not happening (and it wasn’t just an error – just found out my site looked messed up too – arrgghh!). Darn! Why can’t plugins all just get along?! Grr! Thanks for your time & help! : )


    Kenneth John Odle

    damn plugins! Can’t live with them & can’t live without them!

    The truth of WordPress, really. I know how you feel.

    Darn! Why can’t plugins all just get along?!

    There are many reasons for this. I could write not just one but several posts about this. Maybe even an entire book. Part of it is the nature of WordPress, part of it is the nature of life itself, and part of it is the puckish nature of coders.

    I’m going to move this out of bug reports into support. Please let us know which plugin was causing the problem. (It can be helpful to know which other plugins you are using, as well.)




    Aw thanks for understanding!

    Yes I’ll follow up & test the plugins & give you a list of what I’m using in a few days (I have severe carpal tunnel pain right now & I’m pecking this out slowly with my left hand lol – need a few days for my right hand to recover). Off the top of my head I’m guessing it might be the plugin called Any Mobile Theme Switcher and/or the mobile theme it’s switching my site to. I used the Catch Box Free theme for mobile last week & my mobile site suddenly turned to a blank white page one day. That theme has a slider in it with little or no controls. Then I switched to the Responsive theme (when I start making money I will buy Graphene Mobile Neo!) which also has a slider with very little control (choices) – that’s what’s still on there now. I do have other plugins running too though so maybe one or more of them caused this problem. A paid plugin I have last week called WP Page Boss didn’t get along with Any Mobile Theme Switcher & caused my WordPress Screen Options & left-side sub-menus to break so I do know that plugins can be incompatible with each other & mess up my site!

    I must say the Graphene theme is FAR superior to any free theme out there & I recommend it to people all the time! Since you guys are so good at what you do maybe you can someday incorporate all the goodies that these plugins offer into Graphene & then all will be simpatico! : )

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