Graphene Neo not showing up "switch to desktop" theme

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    This topic was discussed here but the problem is still there and the topic was closed.

    Not having this feature is almost a deal breaker. I really must allow users to access the desktop version.

    Could you do any of the following:

    a) tell me the typo and I’ll try to speak with the AMTS developer

    b) is the “Graphene mobile” able to display this link or is it also using the AMTS?

    c) final option (maybe temporary) if you let me know the typo I try to repair it locally and not upgrade the AMTS plugin





    Later update: I managed to see this useful note which will most likely solve the problem:

    Use the following shortcode [show_theme_switch_link] in templates to show the theme switch link.

    Example: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[show_theme_switch_link]’); ?>

    You can also add Switch Mobile Theme link to your Menus from Custom Links section under Appearance > Menus.


    Url : (For Mobile Theme)

    Url : (For Desktop Theme)

    Thank you Syahir Hakim!


    Syahir Hakim


    By default the theme switch link is located right at the bottom of the footer. You can use the shortcode you found above if you want to place it anywhere else.



    The switch link doesn’t appear by default (I did checked the check-box and I tried this on a test website with almost no plugins installed). But I managed to make it appear right below the footer by pasting the above shortcode in a widget and putting the widget in the “GM Neo Footer Text” action hook.





    Hi Hakim,

    MY site also does not have any Switch to Desktop link anywhere that I can see. It’s not in the footer or anywhere else on my site.

    My site is:

    Do you see the switch link anywhere?

    I tried adding the link to my menu as per Enigma’s instructions above. It didn’t work.

    I will now try to use the shortcode & instructions above. But it’s my 1st time to use shortcodes, so let’s see…

    Thanks for any help on adding the switch link.

    cheers, Lash



    HEllo Again,

    Ok, I tried to add the php shortcode that Enigma gave above to: 1. Neo header 2. Neo Main Bottom Footer 3. Neo Bottom 4 Neo Top action hooks.

    I added the shortcode via a plugin called ‘Insert php Snippet’ which I placed in each action hook area above to test.

    None of these attempts worked. I still do not have a Switch View link on my site that I can see.

    The code I placed was: echo do_shortcode(‘[show_theme_switch_link]’); because the plug in said to add the code without <?php ?>

    Did I do something wrong? Can you please instruct me how to do this correctly?





    I also just tried it in the Neo Footer Text action hook like Enigma. Also didn’t work.

    Hmm, I must be doing this differently from him somehow. Any clues what’s wrong?





    Hello again,

    Never mind – I got it working.

    Now I have Switch to Desktop on my mobile version. ANd Switch to Mobile on my desktop version. Cool.

    I just have that other formatting issue with the 2-column layout on my desktop version to sort out – I explained in detail in another thread.

    Thanks for your time.

    cheers, Lash

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