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    just to be sure I have understood it right :

    If I use a graphene theme (with a little customized code on it) for my website and I want to display if for mobile site :

    – should I buy and use the graphene mobile site, and then my customized graphene theme will still be the one used for website, and I’ll have another theme for mobile

    – or will the graphene mobile theme replace the theme for my website and I will have to customize it again?

    thank you for explanations



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Arnaud,

    Graphene Mobile and Graphene theme are two different themes. Graphene Mobile will only be displayed when the site is viewed on a mobile device, while the Graphene theme (or any other theme you’re using) will be displayed when the site is viewed on a computer.



    ok thank you Syarhir. I may be your guy for the french translation..I’ll look at it deeper later.

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