Graphene Mobile Pre-Purchase Question and Login Issue

  • Anonymous


    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the Graphene Mobile theme but I’m wondering if there have been any issues with plugins that work with desktop Graphene but not Graphene Mobile. I know you can’t promise that everything will work 100%, but it would be good to know beforehand.

    Also, I had registered this user name before but forgot what password I used. The first password I tried I received a message saying “Username does not exist” or something to that extent. So I started to register again with this same user name and got the error “Username already exists.” I tried another password and was able to log in, but you might want to correct that original error message.


    Syahir Hakim


    There has not been any known issues with plugins that work with the desktop theme but not Graphene Mobile so far. In any case, if you encounter any issues just post about it here and we’ll try to help you resolve it.

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