Graphene Mobile header widget does not display

  • lenw


    I am trying to get a clickable phone number in the header of the mobile theme, with the tel: functionality to enable mobile dialling.

    I have a header widget to place a clickable phone number on the website, positioned by CSS. In Graphene Mobile, the widget does not appear anywhere in the header.

    I then tried to put the anchor tag in the graphene mobile Display> header options> alternate site description, but when I revisit the options screen the content is no longer in the field, it gets split up. If I view the website on a mobile device, the phone number is there.

    To style the number I intend to enter CSS in Lazyest Stylesheet plugin, to avoid conflicts with the theme updates.

    Is there an easier and more reliable way to achieve this?




    I have just noticed that there is a separate mobile header widget, and using that does work.

    So issue resolved.

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