Graphene Mobile for Resposive layout

  • pajura



    Is there any demo of the Graphene Mobile to see/test please.

    Thank you!



    Yes, visit [url=]Graphene Theme[/url] or Syahir‘s site from your mobile phone. You can even take a test drive of Graphene Mobile Theme options [url=]here[/url]!

    [url=]Admin testdrive[/url]



    Did tried that using this online tool and Web developer add-on under Chrome&Firefox and both show normal page.

    Usually with other templates I can see the responsive layout.

    Any ideas why? Thank you!

    On the testdrive looks very similar to Graphene back-end. Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    Screenfly does not actually send a mobile user agent, but just merely resizes the container by which it displays the site. Therefore, when you view either the Graphene theme or my site using screenfly, it shows the normal desktop theme.

    Note that Graphene Mobile is not a responsive theme – it is a theme specifically designed for viewing on mobile devices. When installed, it will be served to mobile devices, while the normal desktop theme is served to desktops.



    Was thinking to that too. Will buy and try 🙂




    please help me

    I’m installing a website in german and I’m using ur wonderful Graphene theme, so I want to change some things to german

    for example

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    plz tell me how to do


    Syahir Hakim


    ahmedelsoudy, don’t ever crash somebody else’s topic with a post that is totally unrelated to the topic. Create a new topic instead. This is the first and last warning you will receive on this matter.



    I m so sorry for that I didn’t know how to do I understand.i’ve put a new topic

    sorrz again

    guido diemer



    1 -How can I start a new topic.

    2 – How can I change my password on this forum


    Syahir Hakim

    1 -How can I start a new topic.

    Go to any of the forum, scroll all the way down and you’ll see the form to post new topic.


    2 – How can I change my password on this forum

    After you have logged in, click on your username at the top of this forum, where it says “Welcome, <username>”. Then click Edit.

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