Graphene Mobile doesn't not appear in the WordPress Plugin Menu

  • mljensen



    I’m French, so please excuse my english!

    I just bought the Graphene Mobile extension, but after unzipping and upload in my WordPress Plugin folder, it doesn’t appear in the WordPress plugin Menu… Also, when I look the Graphene Options, in the Add-ons catagory it displays “Graphene Mobile: Not installed”.

    I’m using WordPress 3.2 with Graphene Theme 1.4, PHP version 6 and MySQL version 5.1.

    Thanks for your support, and good work for the Graphene Theme!


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi there,

    You need to upload the graphene-mobile folder into the wp-content/themes/ folder, and not the plugin folder. Try that and let me know if you’re still having problems.



    YEAH!!! It works!!! Excuse me, I had not read the installation instructions, I thought that the Graphene Mobile was just a normal pluggin! Now I understand this is a theme who use the Mobile Smart Pluggin! In addition, it work perfectly!

    Thanks for your answer, excellent work, I do not regret my purchase!

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