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  • shubham12u


    Today I updated Graphene theme in my site to new version (1.5.5). Now it is displaying all posts in the home page pane. I’ve set Number of latest posts to display to 8. But it is showing all 16 of my posts. Any solutions?? Please..

    Possibly a bug??

    My site address:



    I don’t use homepage panes… so I’m not sure. Did you try switching your settings back and forth? I’ve seen a few instances where an option had to be unchecked, and checked again before it “held”.



    I don’t know whats going on! I’ve changed “Number of latest posts to display” from 8 to 0. Now it is showing 8 posts! Then it was showing all of 16 posts.. Crazy.. 🙂

    (I think Ken’s blog is also having the same issue. I noticed excerpts of all the posts there)


    Kenneth John Odle


    Actually, it’s duplicating the data from the homepage pane. I have a “below content” action hook widget area which displays an additional bit of advertising, and it’s showing all my posts (31), the ad widget, and then all the posts and the ad widget again.

    On posts, it’s showing the “below content” widget twice. You can see it here, where I’ve added a title to the widget to make sure:



    Brunomania has the same problem (Spanish)



    I’m also having the same problem. I had 6 of my latest posts on my home page. the same 6 excerpts appeared at the bottom, making it 12 excerpts all in all. My site is


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, this appears happen only with post excerpts, and not full posts. It has also been noted in the WordPress Graphene forums. I am filing a bug report on this.


    Stay tuned there to find out about fixes.

    Ijeoma Obiagwu


    mine too.

    my posts are doubled on the homepage pane.

    Secondly, i tried adding an image to my about page.

    after inserting the picture into post, when i update, it updates but when i view d page after update, its stil without the picture i inserted.

    didnt hav ds problem before. it just started today after i updated to d latest.

    please help me.



    thanks for the fix!

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