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    So, I’m not too familiar with the multi-site configuration of wordpress. I’m helping someone who wants a multi-site. It’s a college, and each department will have their own sub-site.

    So, I’d like the modifications I make to the main-site theme to be applied to each sub-site. These modifications are in the child theme of the main site.

    But when I create a sub-site, it loads the default wordpress theme. Do I need to make a child theme for every sub-site? Can I make each sub-site pull from the main graphene child them style.css and functions.php files?


    Syahir Hakim


    All sites in a WP Multisite install can use the same theme, but you need to enable the sites to use the theme in the first place. In the Network Admin, go to Themes > Installed Themes, and then click on the “Network Enable” link for the theme that you’d like all the sites in the multisite install to be able to use.

    You don’t see the child theme from the network sites because newly-added themes are not network-enabled by default, which applies to newly-created child themes as well.



    Got it. Thank you.

    It sure does get confusing when working with firefox and multisite configurations?!?


    Syahir Hakim

    It sure does get confusing when working with firefox and multisite configurations?!?

    Why is that?



    Well, one thing throwing me off is the class and id of auto-generated content… such as widgets, posts, pages, etc.

    For example, in the main site I made a quicklinks with a text widget. It has the id of text-6.

    However, if I want to replicate it in a sub-site, it won’t necessarily have the same id. It might get 10, or 12, or 1905.

    Then, if I make this adjustment in the child-theme stylesheet… other sub-sites that get to that number will be affected.

    The same applies for posts where I have hidden the title.

    If all sub-sites are set up to pull from a main graphene-child theme… won’t all these calls conflict?



    I suppose I could wrap each text widget content in a div, and style it inline.

    Would this be the best solution?



    Or maybe style each element which uses a unique id within the custom css option of each sub-site? Just trying to get an idea of what would be the best method here.


    Syahir Hakim


    That depends. Is the content of the text widget identical in all sites? If yes, then wrapping the text widget content in a div and then styling it in the child theme’s style.css file would be the best wat to go.

    If not identical, you can still wrap the contents in a div with different classes for different sites, and then style them all in the child theme’s style.css file.



    Thanks Syahir. I’ll have to play around with it some and see what my real questions are.

    I’ll post back tomorrow.

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