graphene hide pages after update

  • byee19


    recently I’ve updated my graphene them to ver. 1.5.3 and it seems like all my static pages has gone – diapered – vanished.

    I’ve tried to look it up on the theme options but did’nt find it. 🙁

    all pages are on PUBLISHED mode.

    any advice?



    Syahir Hakim


    One of the plugins you’re using contains an error that prevents the rest of the page from loading. Try disabling the Google Custom Search plugin.



    thanks Syahir,

    I disabled and deleted that plugin but it didnt solve the problem.

    at the next day (this morning)I’ve disabled all the plugins – and I’ve tried to check which one cause the problem.

    but than something at the appearance section at the WP-ADMIN dashboard caught my eye – it was the MENU option. sp i made few clicks there and it looks like the problem will be solved with few mins of work.

    thanks again mate for the great theme and thanks for your patience.

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