Graphene Hide Date Globally Option

  • Chris


    I put this in the wrong place earlier, under ‘General Talk,’ if a mod can delete it. Sorry for the clutter.

    Under the themes settings, I have the date set to be ‘Hidden’ globally. That’s the way I want it to stay. But on each individual post, under the graphene specific options, it says “Use global option,” or “Hide.” I was thinking (or hoping) that if the option was set to hide the date globally, that I should be able to choose to display it on specific posts, but I do not have that option.

    Is this something that I have messed up or maybe a glitch that a plug-in could be causing, or is it just one of those things for now 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    That option is pretty limited, in that it only allows you to turn off the date display for individual posts when it is globally displayed, but not to turn it on when the date is globally hidden.

    The next update will include a full implementation of that feature, so that for individual posts you’ll be able to select any of the date settings found in the global Graphene Options.

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