Graphene–getting submenu to show up?

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    I’m new to WordPress, but I am really enjoying testing out themes and features. I am using MAMP on my local computer, so I don’t have a website that is viewable right now.

    Graphene is lovely–I like the slider on the home page! Very cool!

    I have my custom menu showing up perfectly, and in the right order, in the “header menu.” I think I’ve set that up right because it is showing up. I think I read that Graphene supports submenus. Is this something I would need to set up by getting into the code? I have set up one page which is sort of a child of a top-level page. I checked “parent” and gave it a parent page under “quick edit” under the pages area. But, it is not showing up as a sub-menu. I am hoping that there is an easy way to create submenu items. This would be a page, not a post.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Syahir Hakim


    The children of a page displayed on the menu do not automatically show up when you’re using the WordPress’ Custom Menu function. This is a limitation of the wordpress function. Custom Menu, though awesome, requires you to define each and every single item that you want to show on the menu.

    So to add any page as a submenu item to any menu item that you have, you need to set that up in the Custom Menu screen.



    Thanks–after looking on WordPress’s support pages, I saw a visual of how to slide the sub-pages under the main pages. I never understood custom menus, and I think I’m not even using one to its full extent, but I indented (just grab and slide it over!!) my sub-page over and it works now! Basically, if there are other people out there like me, (very non-technical) here’s where I saw what to do:

    scroll down to “Changing the Order of Menu Items and Creating Sub-Menus” on this page:

    (the help page that I found is on but I’m guessing it’s also on

    Text from the WP support page:

    At any time, you can change the order and placement of menu items. Drag and drop the items up and down to change the order of menu items. Drag and drop the items left and right (as shown below) to create sub-menu items.

    Now I’m going to have a lot more fun checking out your theme and others.

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