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    I inserted some code in the text box widget to display a linked calendar. All of the information is correct, and it links properly. I just can’t get the colors to display properly. I’ve changed all the color codes to no avail. When I switch themes (Twenty Eleven 1.3 by the WordPress team, Chip Life 1.4.3 by Life.Object), the calendar displays correctly.

    I am also using the Websimon Tables plugin for help with creating tables. These tables also display funny in Graphene but fine in other themes. It’s like the invisible lines are displaying as grey.

    Both problems are shown on this page:

    Any help would be appreciated as Graphene is a great theme and has all the features I would like to utilize. Thanks!



    The colors will need to be adjusted in the stylesheet for the plugin. Beginning at line 249 of the stylesheet is the color. Line 371 is the background color for the current day.

    The table borders are defined differently by each theme. This can be a problem sometimes when working with plugins using tables… as there is no standard. This code will remove borders from ALL tables created:

    table td, table th, table tr {
    border: none;

    Add this to your child theme or custom css box in the admin panel.



    That code worked to fix the wonky looking tables in the pages (thanks!), but the calendar in the (standard wordpress) text widget on the side still doesn’t look right. It’s from a registration software company called Evanced. I followed the instructions (here: and pulled the code that I pasted inthe text box from here:

    I’ve changed every color value in the Evanced code to no avail. I know you aren’t here to write custom code for me. So, any help you can offer is appreciated. Thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you use Firebug, you can see that the css for that calendar is designated like this:

    .eventstinycal #tinycal_date, #tinycal_date a:link, #tinycal_date a:visited

    so that is the code you would need to enter in custom css to change the appearance of the month in the calendar.

    Dates are:

    .eventstinycal a:link

    Using Firebug, I’ve been able to successfully change the color of your calendar. Use Firebug! It works. Josh has an excellent tutorial on his site.



    @ Ken,

    So, if a plugin is using it’s own css declarations. Can those be added (and manipulated) to the graphene child theme? Will they overrule the plugin declarations?


    Kenneth John Odle



    Yes, you can do this, provided that you use the same class or id (I know you know this, Josh, but others might not) and that they occur later in the cascade sequence. In other words, if your child theme style sheet loads before the plugin stylesheet, your changes will not appear. In that case, you would want to add them to Graphene’s custom CSS feature, because that usually loads last.



    And how do you know if the plugin stylesheet loads before or after the child theme stylesheet in the “cascade sequence”?



    And how do you know if the plugin stylesheet loads before or after the child theme stylesheet in the “cascade sequence”?

    Use Web Developer firefox extension to see the order of CSS being loaded..



    Thanks a ton for the info! It took me a while to get it figured out, but I’ve got it now.

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