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  • fathima


    I have downloaded Graphene Child theme.In future,should I work on my blog using child theme only.

    If I am using child theme only for modifications and it is working perfect, how will it affect in the parent theme.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is the point behind using a child theme. Any changes you make in the child theme won’t affect the parent theme, so when you update the parent theme, all is good.

    There are a couple of exceptions:

    1) If you copy any files over to the child theme, you could have issues with those files being from the old version and not the new. You might miss out on some new features.

    2) CSS does change, so you might have to readjust some things in your child theme’s style sheet.

    (Also, not quite sure why/how this was posted twice, but I went ahead and deleted the other copy of this post.)



    Thanks. By mistake it got posted twice. I didn’t know how to delete the other post.

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