Graphene broken? No widgets, no sliders

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    Due to performance issues, I deactivated some plugins on

    namely: backup buddy, lazy load, broken link checker, copy link, disqus, site map generator, shutter reloaded, wordpress-SEO, sweetly

    After that Graphene does not show widgets and the slider any more.

    I did not change any Graphene settings.

    usually the site looks like


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you get this taken care of? The thread is marked resolved.



    Yes, the issue was solved somehow magically.

    How can deactivated or removed plugins affect Graphene?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I have heard (on the WP forums) that it is not enough just to deactivate some plugins; they need to be removed as well. This is probably a result of poor/weird coding on the part of the plugin author.

    Other plugins make changes to your database. A well-written plugin will have an option to undo those changes before you delete it, but most don’t.



    Actually I renamed the plugin folder from “plugin” into “plugin back” and moved back the plugins I need.

    Renaming the folder is “actually removed”, isn’t it?

    Still I wonder what this has to do with graphene….

    Because of the DB changes I wanted to recreate my wordpress once but I did just in a test environment.

    Recreating would have been a completely new DB, importing all posts, tags and pictures. And leaving all the wrong DB changes of some (tested and not used) plugins out.




    Because of performance issues I had to rename the plugin folder, so I removed all plugins (same as deleted…).

    Then I enabled most of them again. However Graphene does not show the widgets any more (main + 2 columns to the right). Slider not shown, no latest posts.

    When I change graphene to left + main +right , then the left widgets are shown

    The exception is the archive pane. There evthng works fine.

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