Graphene and Graphene Neo themes automatically reset their settings

  • Inquinim



    After a couple of weeks, I’ve returned to the website to make sure everything’s working correctly before I hand it over to the client. However, all the graphene and graphene neo settings were reset.

    I didn’t do this and the client doesn’t have access info yet. How could this have happened?

    I’ve fixed it, by importing the settings I have saved. However, I’m worried it may happen again while the client’s site is published and being frequented.

    Any thoughts?


    Syahir Hakim


    I can’t think of anything in the theme that could cause this except the “Reset settings” button, but that would need to be pressed manually though. Other than that, this could also happen if the database has been restored from a previous backup on the server.

    For now, I would suggest keeping a backup by exporting the theme’s options like you have done, and let us know if it happens again.

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