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    A Note of caution for any bbPress users out there. Do not install bbPress Admin Menu Addition. There is an incompatibility.

    If you load Admin Menu Addition, then your users will be unable to edit their topic posts.

    Deactivating Graphene or Admin Menu Addition or both with not fix the problem, currently the only option would be a complete re-install


    Kenneth John Odle


    As I said earlier, you are running a lot of plugins (over 75). Have you turned off everything except bbPress, Graphene, and this plugin to verify that it is, indeed, an incompatibility issue with the theme?


    Kenneth John Odle

    a complete re-install

    A complete reinstall of what?



    I created a new site, I installed WordPress and bbpress, I installed Twenty fourteen and Admin Menu Addition and it all worked, I installed Graphene and it didn’t.

    I also did it the other wat round, installing Graphene first and then Admin Menu Addition.

    Basically the combination of the two stops BBPress users from editing their posts.



    The only way to remove this bug, once you get it, is to completely re-install, and choose to avoid either Graphene or Admin Menu Addition.

    Unless I can find the file setting that is being affected and manually change it. I’ve written to the creator of Admin Menu Addition to se if he has any suggestions but I’ve got a feeling his suggestion will be not to use Graphene lol


    Kenneth John Odle

    I’ve got a feeling his suggestion will be not to use Graphene lol

    They always say that. Sometimes they are right.

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